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Currently, youth with special needs living in Pennsylvania participate in transition services as required by law, yet many students remain ill-prepared for adult life. Traditional schools have limited and ever-shrinking resources and cannot possibly provide one-on-one services to each and every student with special needs who needs them.

As a result, All About Abilities LLC was formed to provide a variety of one-on-one, educational, recreational and vocational services to help youth with special needs better prepare for adult life once the yellow bus stops coming.

For fifteen years I have successfully worked with many youth with a wide range of special needs; transforming lives, empowering families, building inclusive communities and changing negative societal stereotypes toward individuals with special needs. With a strong background in psychology (M.S. in Psychology), social services, community relations and business, I am uniquely suited to work with young adults with special needs to advance my clients' interests.

Unfortunately, thousands of young adults with special needs living in the greater Bucks County, PA area are disconnected from their communities and are not realizing their full potential. Many of these kids fall through the cracks after graduating from high school. For the very first time since they were five years old, they now find themselves alone all day with no school work, no jobs, and little to do. This is scary for both young adults and parents.

Many kids are unprepared for adult life and need assistance socializing, accessing community resources, continuing their life's learning, as well as finding meaningful work. In short, they need help!

All About Abilities LLC provides that help with expert knowledge and support while students are still in high school so that they are much better prepared for adult life after school.

Be it through one-on-one life coaching, mentoring, empowerment training, employment readiness training, financial literacy training, independent living skills training, or other areas, All About Abilities LLC can help. Don't just take my word on it: check out what parents, students, educators and businesses are saying about All About Abilities LLC on the Feedback page of this website. Also read for yourself a few of the many success stories on the News page of this website.

Just as Kumon®, Sylvan® and Huntington® learning centers provide assistance to students with reading, writing, math or SAT® prep outside of the student's school, All About Abilities LLC provides vocational, educational and recreational assistance to students through community-based, personalized, one-on-one training above and beyond what students receive in school.

The great social reformer Frederick Douglass once said, "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."

All About Abilities LLC helps build strong children who go on to become strong men... and women.

If you want your child to become a strong adult, give All About Abilities LLC a call.


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All About Abilities LLC works collaboratively with young adults with special needs, their families and community businesses to insure a seamless transition from school to work and adult life beyond high school. We offer a variety of person-centered and community based, one-on-one services to help young adults with special needs attain their vocational goals based on each student's own unique interests and abilities.


  • Parents/Guardian of Youth With Special Needs
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  • Contracts are tailor-made to suit each and every student's own unique needs.